Friday, July 23, 2010

Gas, pooping, and chest pain.

Well, I am still FULL of gas.  I have been walking as much as I can, but it wipes me out.  I keep feeling like I need to burp and then get this terrible chest pain and pain in my left arm and don't burp.  It hurts and I can't figure out if it's my band or what it is.  I am suppose to drink at LEAST 48oz of fluid a day, but with all this gas a few sips and I am uncomfortable.  Any suggestions?  Also I had surgery Tuesday and still haven't pooped this okay?  They gave me stool softeners to take, but said only to take them if I was constipated.  I don't feel constipated, so I haven't taken them.  Should I be pooping by now?  Thanks for all your supportive comments.  I am trying to hang in there, but am a little discouraged today.  This gas is killing me.


amandakiska said...

I'm sorry you're havin a tough time. I think the trying to burp sesation is totally normal as is not having a BM.

Try to drink as much as you can, but I doubt anyone can get in that much right after surgery.

The good news is that most people feel dramatically better by about day #3 or #4.

Janelle said...

Everything sounds normal. Just keep walking and drinking and once you get more solid food in you, you will poop. Until then, no worries!

Alison said...

Sorry that you're having a tough time, I didn't have any gas pain but instead had awful nausea for for a couple of weeks. I couldn't stop pooping!
I think that I'd maybe take a stool softner, perhaps you are a bit bunged up and that might help.
It WILL pass, honest.

To Band or not To Band? said...

I was lucky enough to not get any pain either, but my sister said that she had gas really bad and she couldn't stop! Even in public! I think she said it passed after a week, when she finally pooped! So happy for you to be where you are now! It is a very exciting time!

Michelle said...

I didn't have any pain in my shoulders or really had to burp but I had and still have tons of passing gas. I had my surgery on the 16th of this month and my doctors appointment on the 21st. He told me to take metamusil. I did and had a bowl movment the next day but nothing the day after that. Yesterday I took Milk of Magnishia and it hit me at 5:30 this morning I was in the bathroom for probably an hour, it was crazy. But you know since were not having any solid food I really don't think we have anything to poop out. I'm hoping that once I enter the mushy food stage I'll start pooin. The same might go for you as well. Either way hang in there and good luck! :)