Friday, May 28, 2010


Thought I would try and do this, this week....

1. If you could be a flower which one would you be and why?
I would be a Gerbera real reason, I just like them.

2. Which Sex and the City character do you most relate to?
I would have to say Charlotte.  I am a little bit of a prude. LOL

3. If you had a crystal ball or could know one thing about the future-what would it be?
So many things!  The first thing that comes to mind though, is if I will have more babies.  I want more children more than anything in the world, but getting pregnant is a difficult road for me.  I hope my band will help with fertility.  One of the thousands of reasons I am doing this.

4. What's  your biggest fear in your weight loss journey?
Honestly, if my marriage will change.  I love my husband more that life itself, but putting myself first kinda scares me.  I know it's a must though.  So far so good.  Also, my husband truly loves me just as I am.....he likes big women.  I must say though, he is COMPLETELY supportive of this process so far. I do know the statics however, and they are kinda scary.  We are pretty damn determined not to become a statistic though.....communication, communication, communication.

5.Whose blog or comment spoke to you the most this week and why?
Brooke from Lap Band Labyrinth.  Why?...well watch her Vlog and read my last answer and that is why.  I SO appreciate her honesty and openness.  It's incredibly encouraging to hear someone be so open about their feelings.  It keeps ME accountable to not stuff my feelings.  That is why I started this blog.

On another note....
I found out yesterday from the 8,976 vials of blood they took Monday, that my vit. D is REALLY low, in the words of the doc, "you are severely vitamin D deficient".  Your number should be around 100, mine was 16. No wonder I have been so tired.  I will increase my dose of D and hopefully start feeling less tired.  I need to get it up before surgery.

I have worked out 3 days in a row now!  My legs are so tired and sore, but I am gonna keep going!  It's funny too, the hardest workout was the silly Hip Hop video I bought at the Goodwill for $2.00.  I bought a few just to keep things interesting.  The elliptical is good, but get boring after awhile. to make lunch and then a nap.  I am TIIIRRRREEEEDDD.

Oh yeah...what does NSV stand for?  It took me awhile to figure out PB, but I got that one now.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hip Hop Abs

Just kicked my A#$!! That's it.  Just sayin.


I talked with the scheduler on Monday and my surgery is scheduled for July 20th!  I am SO excited.  It all seems very real now.  I suppose it will feel even more real when all the insurance stuff is worked out, she said she doesn't see there being any issues!! WOOT! WOOT!!!!  I am down one more pound this morning.  I am finding that I am just starving though, all day long.  It' not head hunger's stomach growling, sick feeling, feed me, hunger.  I can't wait till I have my band and don't feel that as much.  I need to increase my water intake, that will probably help.  I have only 2 more bottles of Diet Coke left....when they are gone....good bye Diet Coke! I had some of my pre-op blood work done on Monday, I swear she took 20 vials of blood.  Well, maybe more like 10, but it was A LOT.  I hope all is well with that, I guess I will hear if it's not.  Now I need to get a disc of my upper GI and I will be ready for my appt. on June 17th with the surgeon.  I better call the hospital right now and get that taken care of, medical records can be slow.  Well, off to call the hospital and to work out.  Nyla and I are going to do a hip hop dance video. This should be interesting.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A day with my sweet Nyla-Rae.

Going to playgroup and the zoo today!  I love days like today where my daughter and I have time to spend together...just the two of us.  It is rare.  Either I have the little girl I take care of, or my son along.  I love that I get to make time to spend with each of my children individually.  They enjoy that time as well.  We call it "date time".  I had a lot of one-on-one with my son because he was first born.  My daughter however....well it's rare, like I said.
We will go play with our friends and then have lunch together.  One of my biggest fears for my daughter is that she will end up fat.  I know the struggles of growing up "the fat kid".  It SUCKS.  I am hoping by changing MY life style she will learn healthy choices and not have to face that struggle in life.  So far so good, she makes very healthy choices.  Don't get me wrong, she loves her sweets just like mommy, but give that girl an artichoke or some cucumbers and she is a happy camper!  Last night for dinner we had chicken breast, cucumber and tomato salad, and kids and hubby had corn.  She ate the cucumber salad first, then the corn, and lastly a few bites of chicken.  Healthy choices right there.  Today for lunch we will have one of her favorites, chicken salad in lettuce leaves.  I hope and pray I am able to continue to be a positive example for her.  Oh, how I love my sweet baby girl.  Time to get ready for our date!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

High Protein Ice Cream.....YUMMMM

I just got done making some high protein ice cream thanks to my amazing friend Teresa who had gastric bypass 2 years ago and has some GREAT recipes!! This woman is an an amazing inspiration...really...she looks and you can tell she FEELS amazing. Thanks Teresa! . I made rocky road and's kinda of the bomb diggity!  I wouldn't say it taste JUST like ice cream, but it's close and it's hot here so it's quite refreshing.  I had a tough night last night with food.  I went to a friends house and had a few beers....well that led to a hamburger on white bread and potatoes to go with it.  I know it's only one night, but I really thought I could do it.  Lesson learned.  I am back on track this afternoon and hopefully the scale isn't too upset with me.  I really want to get to my 10 pounds lost by the end of the month. I only have two followers right now and hope to have more soon, however even if I don't I find blogging about what I am eating and how I am feeling has been very enlightening.  I am really enjoying my little lap-band blog.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well, so far the hardest thing for me to give up is Diet Coke.  I just can't stop.  I do good for a day or two and then I am right back to it.  I swear they put crack in it.  LOL.  I thought bread would be hard to give up, pasta, rice, potatoes.......nope I really don't miss them much at all.  I know I don't have to totally give them up and I haven't completely I do indulge occasionally.  I used to eat them daily though and it's WAY less now, maybe once a week, if that.  Diet Coke's tough. Diet Coke gods please help me, help me stop.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another visit to the bariatric nurse!!

I had a visit to the nurse and nutritionist today!  It went SPLENDIDLY!!!!!!!!!!  The nurse was extremely encouraging and kept saying, "your going to do great".  I have been trying to eat as I would after the band, only bigger portions.  Not to big, just bigger.  Even with that I have been starving.  I will be very happy when I don't feel that hunger/starving as much after the band.  I have also been working out, either on the elliptical for 30 min. or biking with the kids.  Also the new puppy we got a month or so ago makes me get out and walk a few nights a week.  I am down 6.5 pounds!! Only 3.5 to go to lose the 10 that they required me to lose before surgery!  The nutritionist was please with my progress as well, she told me to keep doing what I have been doing and make sure I take my vitamins and calcium.  I haven't been doing that, but will make sure I start tonight!  All I have left to do is one more visit with the surgeon and my psychiatric evaluation.  Both are schedule for June.  I was told to call the scheduler on Monday and hopefully she can "pencil me in" for my surgery date!! SQUEEEEE!  I am just SO ready for this and cannot wait!  I just want to get the show on the road as my Grandma would say!
I guess that is all for now.  Off to have move night with my baby boy!  Well not so baby at 5 1/2, but even when he is 30 he will be my baby. :b

Oh yeah....tried to add a ticker but I can't figure it out.  It's far to late at this point and I want to throw my computer out the window so just for documentation, my starting weight at my first visit with my surgeon was 260.  My weight today was 253.5.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I have been lurking around and reading many blogs of some pretty inspiring women that have had lap band. I am hoping to have MY lap band surgery July 2010. I am hoping I can connect with some of you women for support and encouragement. I have so many reasons for starting on this journey it's hard to know where to start.
Let me just start by listing a few.....
I want to be able to shop anywhere.....not just the fat lady section or stores.
I want to go on rides with my children at amusement parks.
I want to be healthy.
I want to be the lady jogging at 6am that everyone looks at and says..."she is nuts".
I want my PCOS to be better controlled.
I want to feel good about ME.
I want to be smaller than my husband.

I am so excited for this journey. Much thought and soul searching has went into my decision. I am ready. My family is ready. I see the surgeon this Friday for my second visit and second nutrition visit. I will have one more after this and then hopefully surgery the beginning of July. I will talk more about what I have been through so far in a future post. Right now the kiddos need me!! Thanks for reading!